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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Tomorrow's News Today

Tonight Gregg and Kevin did a round-up on the big stories that were relevent to you and me. There was a twist, though. "The New Media" has been, and will continue to be, the driving force in covering and spreading the news.

By the time you pick up your newspaper, that is yesterday's news. Also on the blogosphere, you have the benefit of reading different points of view. Reading someone else's point of view than your own is very healthy, as long as it is civil and factual. This way, you have an understanding of the spectum of ideas.

However, facts are stubborn things. Next week, Kevin and Gregg shall be discussing the Alito nomination. There are many lawyers, judges possibly, and they have been going over Mr. Alito's briefs, rulings, context, and they have really hashed it out. This is one program you really do not want to miss. Not if you care about the truth.

It was a great show. Keep up the great work guys.
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I encourage you to go visit their site, Pundit Review. They usually have a streamline for the show, in case you missed it. You will have to keep checking back to see if they have it up, though.

Check out some of the links from the different categories, also. It really is educational. Have a nice day.