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Saturday, January 07, 2006

My New Approach

I have been many sites due to my many interests. I did not want to put everything here, because it may not get read! You would have to stroll down so far. lol.

What I have decided to do is a nightly round-up. I shall start with the name of the site, and then I will give the title of each article. Please remember, I have a few sites where I have members, so I shall include them as well.

Bos'un Locker
The Year of the blog, by The WordSmith from Nantucket
National Education Finacial Disclosure, by The WordSmith from Nantucket
Causes of Interest
Daily Briefing on Iran 1/6/2006
DoD Daily News
New Initiative: Teach and Learn Foreign Language
Tribute to a Hero, Sgt. Michael Stokely
Afghan Border Police Open new Airport Facility
Covering the Police
Reconstruction in Iraq Continues...
Engineers complete road from Shinkay to Qalat in eastern Afghanistan
Iranian Bloggers in Jail
Safety Guide for Bloggers, Stay Out of Jail
Knickerbocker News
Iran's Parliament (Majlis) Hearing about Ahmadi Nejad's remarks about Israel, by Korosh
Civil Liberties News Round-Up, by Chris
The Fiction Age by me
A Teenage Girl to be Hanged in Iran!, by Korosh
Love America First
Krauthammer vs. Kos, by The RedHunter
"WRIST SLAP FOR CHILD RAPIST" Judge Also Soft on DUI Case, by Chris
I added a few other articles from other sites where I contribute, because they are good. Also, I believed it to be only right. I hope you enjoy them, and I hope you understand now why I haven't been writing as much over here. lol. Everyone have a good night. See ya tomorrow night.