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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Alito's Hearings: The Real Scoop on Pundit Review

Are you interested in finding out what really happened at the hearings for Justice Alito? Well, here is the latest scoop by the people that were actually there. Tune in at 9pm EST. The links will help you streamline, and it is free!
Tonight on Pundit Review Radio we will close the loop on the Alito confirmation hearings. We will also talk to a blogger who was invited by the Republican National Committee to attend the hearings and cover them live. Matt Margolis, founder of Blogs for Bush and GOP Bloggers will join us to discuss this interesting strategy of inviting bloggers and their readers to have a first hand account of the hearings. What else is behind this strategy? A desire to go over the heads of the dreaded MSM? We’ll find out. Is there any doubt that the political elites understand the importance/impact of blogs?

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