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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Tuesday's Review of the Pundit Review

Should a child born of an illegal alien be given automatic citizenship? It is a pretty hot topic. There has been calls from people who came to America through the process who feel cheated. There are others who wish only to argue. We all agree, however, that the government is mostly to blame, then businesses, then the illegal alien.

Professor Don Lustin Poor and Stupid is speaking of economics and it's effects on illegal aliens. Entitlements will never solve the problem, because built into the system is a provision so when the economy goes well, the entitlement gets better. This is why there is no way to 'outgrow' the deficit.

Entitlement programs are injurious not only to Americans, but also to the aliens who desire to come here, says Professor Lustin. He believes hard working immigrants from impoverished countries should be welcomed here, as long as they have the drive to better America and their lot in life. The problem lies within the fact they cannot afford to pay much into the system that grants them full benefits.

Take for example health care. If a person does not have to pay for their health care, they never see the actually costs involved. Without seeing the actually costs, it is easier to order all kinds of tests you may not even need, just because you can. That makes the cost rise for me!

Another issue discussed was the minimum wage. It is also a problem. It is an artificially high and arbitrary price placed on labor for jobs that do not deserve as much as the minimum requires. If we did away with entitlements and minimum wage, we could see the true effects of a free market.

This is the end of two hours of illegal aliens and the economical effect. We will be discussing Intelligent Design and possibly the court decision when Gregg and Kevin come back.

Dr. David Parker is the first guest. Many degrees in science he has! John Farrell is a Harvard graduate, he is not a scientist, and he is a good Catholic.

Trying to define ID is a little difficult for these guys, I can tell. LOL. It is all quite simple. When you get into the tiniest element of all, the cell, look at how wonderfully created it is! That can come about from nothing? NO! Evolution is taught as fact even though it has been disproved in many ways. (Please don't ask. I failed science! lol)

I hope to cover tomorrow's show for you. I may have done better had I realized when I sat here that I was going to do this! It took me by surprise when my fingers just got away from me. lol. Have a good day everyone.