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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sites Round-Up 12/29/2005

I have decided to start doing round-ups instead of posting each article I write here. I have enough sites now to cover my many interets, and I don't want everyone to keep running into the same article. :)

It appears I have only been catching up on my Causes of Interest and DoD Daily News sites. I have been quite busy. I am still working on 5 more stories!

They are "Turkish Writer Won't Face New Charges,""Some Chechen Schools Closed After Illness," "Chilean Police Book Gen. Augusto Pinochet," "Poland Keeping Troops in Iraq Another Year," and "Two Suspected Taliban Bombers Die in Blast." That's just in case you want to go ahead and read them.

Daily Briefing on Iran 12/28/2005 can be found at Causes of Interest. It is a round-up of briefings from Sunday to Thursday. The next two are from DoD Daily News.

Daily Briefing on Iran Update 12/29/2005. This is a round-up of the round-up I did! lol. America Supports You (ASY) News 12/29/2005 is an e-mail I receive once a week. It is very good if you are interested in what is actually happening from coast to coast in support of our troops.

God, it almost feels as if I got my homepage back! I can finally speak freely. I like this. Have a nice day everyone!