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Monday, December 26, 2005

Pundit Review: Intelligent Design

Gregg and Kevin did a wonderful job on the radio today substituting for the Independent Guy. The first hour they covered bumper stickers. You know, your favorite ones and the worst ones you've seen. It was a blast.

The second hour they covered a recent report on education. Our children are in trouble unless we get involved in their education. If you see a Mom struggling, help her children with their homework. It doesn't seem like much, but your effort may help those children suceed in school.

The third hour was filled with many questions to Bill Roggio of The Fourth Rail. He gave us an update of what life is like in the Sunni triangle. Yes, he was there. He just returned. Remember to visit his site!

Gregg and Kevin shall be discussing Intelligent Design tomorrow. You may listen live at 9am to Noon EST! Streaming Live @ They will be here all week.

To read Kevin's site, go to Pundit Review. There is much good information there. Have a great day!