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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bicycle Bomber Kills Six in Bangladesh


Earlier this morning (reports came in around 7:55 am EST), there has been a suicide bombing in Netrokona, Bangladesh. A man riding a bycycle drove into a crowd of 400 people gathered to watch as the police were investigating an earlier bombing, killing 6 and wounding 45 people.

Most of them were taken to the government run hospital in nearby Mymensingh. Of those wounded, 9 were police officers. There was a second man suspected to be another bomber who was injured. His bomb failed.

Police and soldiers quickly were deployed to the area to calm the situation and search for other possible bombers. The government is blaming these attacks on Jumatul Mujahidden Bangladesh, a banned Islamic terrorist outfit. There have been many such attacks recently in Southern Asia. They have killed 21 people within 2 weeks alone.

Many of the prior bombings were targeted at government offices and court buildings. Today's attacks were new in that they targeted civillians.
Witnesses reported seeing many injured being taken to hospitals with legs or hands torn apart, raising fears the death toll in the blast could rise. <...> Among the dead was an activist whose organization, Udichi Shilpi Ghosti, or the Rising Sun Artists Group, has recently held several anti-militant concerts, police said.
This woman was not thought to be a target just because she was in the area. They shall miss her.

Commentary Would someone please explain to me how is this President Bush' fault?