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Monday, November 14, 2005

News from Iran 11/14/2005

You may read Thursday's, Friday's, Saturday's, and Sunday's collection of news articles. In addition, here are some that may peak your interest.
  • The Return of Purged Intelligence Officials
  • A group of former Intelligence Ministry agents are back in action to control Iran’s news media, this time working through the Security Department of the Ministry of Islamic Guidance. The group comprises of officials and agents who were involved - and discredited - in the so-called “serial murders” cases that involved the murders, imprisonment, harassment, etc of the country’s writers, journalists, intellectuals, and politicians during 1993-1999 years at the hands officials from the Ministry of Intelligence. ... READ MORE
  • The Cicero Article
  • Dan Darling, The Weekly Standard: A German magazine offers vital insight into Iran's ongoing support for terrorism.

    WHILE IRANIAN PRESIDENT Mahmood Ahmadinejad's recent call to wipe Israel off the map has elicited a great deal of much-needed international condemnation, relatively little focus has been paid since to Iran's long-standing support for international terrorism. READ MORE (A must read.)
  • Iran believes it can win a clash with the US
  • WHY HAS Teheran decided to play hardball? The answer is that it wants a clash with the US over the future of the Middle East, and is convinced that it can win. READ MORE
  • Stolen Laptop reveals Iran's Nuclear Aims
  • ... nuclear analysts at the international atomic agency studied the laptop documents and found them to be credible evidence of Iranian strides, European diplomats said. A dozen officials and nuclear weapons experts in Europe and the United States with detailed knowledge of the intelligence said in interviews that they believed it reflected a concerted effort to develop a warhead. "They've worked problems that you don't do unless you're very serious," said a European arms official. "This stuff is deadly serious." READ MORE

    These are the lead stories for the four articles. There is much more information, including torture, human rights violations, chaos, unrest, and more.