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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

News from Iran 11/02/2005

Saturday's Daily Briefing.
Blair Hints at Military Action after Iran's 'Disgraceful' Taunt
Philip Webster, The Times UK:
Many more articles, such as:

  • 10 Downing Street released a transcript of the press briefing from the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman on Iran.

  • published an English translation of the Iranian President's speech at Tehran "World without Zionism" Conference.

  • World Tribune reported that Iran has sent its first satellite into space and have achieved limited space reconnaissance capability over the entire Middle East, including Israel.
  • ...and much more.

    Monday's Daily Briefing.
    Iran's President Solution to Stock Market Slide: "Hang two or three people." There are also many more articles such as:

  • Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch, sees the two faces of Ahmadinejad: an English and a Persian version of his website.

  • Iranian blogger, Farid Pouya, WebGardian said that the Iranian people don't hate Israel (many of them). Many believe Israel can be considered as a friend. Many say Israel never invaded us but Arabs did.

  • Dow Jones Newswires reported that U.K. Defense Secretary John Reid said: Iran appeared to be trying to confront the international community.
  • ...along with many more articles.

    Tuesday's Daily Briefing.
    Tehran's 'Rewards' for Rocket Attacks: The Australian:
    As well as:

  • Ryan Mauro, The Global Politician reviewed the facts and rumors of Iran's nuclear program.

  • Iran Focus reported that Ahmadinejad angered by what he saw as his envoys’ meek reaction to the global condemnation of his Wednesday speech against "Israel and the West” fired the ambassadors to Berlin, London, and Paris.

  • Iran Focus reported that Iran’s Supreme Leader reaffirmed that the state of Israel would eventually be toppled.

  • Iran Focus reported that Police in Iran have launched a new crackdown on alluring mannequins rounding up 65 feminine mannequins. Truth is stranger than fiction.

  • Somedays are stranger than others, but rounding up dolls? You must read more! Have a great day.

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