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Friday, November 18, 2005

Free Jack Idema, et al

I have some very disturbing news to bring to your attention. I want everyone who reads this piece to write about it yourself. Call your Congressmen and Senators. Call President Bush. He promised to take care of these men. Hold him to it.

There is a man by the name of Jack Idema who has been imprisoned in Afghanistan ever since August 2004, and he has been found INNOCENT. TWICE.

He has had at least 5 "hearings" upon which even the AG dropped the charges. Twice. So why are Jack Idema, Captain Brent Bennett, Major Ezmirai, and Lt. Zorro Rasuli Banderas still imprisoned where they have attempted to assassinate them 7 times?

The State Department and the Defense Department have fallen down on the job. State Department's acting Consul, Sandra Ingram, "attempted to avoid the situation by refusing to provide the Americans with copies of the Combatant Geneva Convention, failing to file official protests to the torture outlined, withholding medical reports on the effects of the torture, and conspiring to conceal evidence of their torture, including directing a doctor to "modify" medical reports by rewriting them and watering down the extent of the injuries."

(Thank you for the State Department's name, Cao.)

The terrorists were tried on charges of torture, and found innocent. Henceforth they were released. (So why is Jack still in prison?!) Right after they were released, there was a bombing in Kabul. It fits the profile of those who were just recently released.

Oh. Maybe I should let you in on a dirty little secret. They are being held by judges that are from the TALIBAN. Our State Department is making deals with the Taliban while turning it's back on the Northern Alliance who helped us overthrough the Taliban!

We do not leave our men behind, and I promise you, we will never forget those who do.

Do you really want to release those at Gitmo? Do you feel safe now? You have forgotten September 11, 2001. Shame on you. May you be cursed for all your life, unless you see the light. Then you shall be forgiven.

I would like to introduce you to two very special people. They have been on this case for quite some time now, while I have just learned of his plight. They have much more information than I.

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