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Sunday, November 20, 2005

A Daily Briefing on Iran 11/20/2005

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Thursday, Nov. 17, 2005
Senators Shown Disturbing Graphic Let's hope the Senate will now take seriously the need to support efforts of those seeking real democracy in Iran. The graphics are powerful and have been largely ignored by the mainstream media.
The purpose of the hearing is to examine the relationship between Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and its status as a state-sponsor of terrorism.
Please help us spread the word.
*Agence France Presse reported that Iran will start converting 50 tonnes of uranium ore from the end of next week.
*Iran Press News reported that a sports photographer was attacked and beaten to near death by the regime’s disciplinary forces in front of thousands of spectators, players and reporters.
* published an excellent report: The ‘Second Islamic Revolution’ in Iran: Power Struggle at the Top.
*The Straits Times argued that with the West focused on long-term fears of Iran's nuclear ambitions, a short-term threat posed by the Iranian regime is not getting the attention it deserves.
*Reuters reported that an Iranian appeals court has ordered the case concerning the 2003 death in custody of a Canadian journalist re-opened, upholding Ottawa's opinion that the original trial was flawed.

Friday, Nov. 18, 2005
The Washington Post:
Iran began converting a new batch of uranium at a key nuclear facility yesterday, rejecting international pleas to suspend such work and dismissing a new offer -- sponsored by Russia -- that was designed to ease tensions over the country's nuclear ambitions, U.S. and European officials said.
Next week's meeting of the IAEA could prove explosive.

*Iran Press News reported that Jalal Talebani, Iraqi President, severely criticized the Europeans. He said: One day, Europeans must grasp that 27 million Iraqis finally have freedom, democracy and human rights because of this war.
*Iran Press News reported that Tehran's torturers were at the secret prison in Baghdad.

Saturday, Nov. 19, 2005
Iran gives UN paper diplomats call atom bomb outline
Mark Heinrich and Francois Murphy, Reuters:
Iran has told the U.N. nuclear watchdog that it received a black-market document which diplomats said on Friday contained partial instructions for making the core of an atomic bomb. READ MORE
*Arab News reported why Iran cannot be trusted and the problems with UN sanctions.
*The Wall Street Journal said: We are convinced that an Iran finally liberated from the shackles of radical fundamentalism can play an essential role in ensuring the stability of the entire region.
*The Washington Times reported that the discovery of a secret Iraqi Interior Ministry torture chamber confirms what has been an open secret in Baghdad for months: Pro-Iranian militia have deeply infiltrated the ministry and are acting as a law unto themselves.

*The Spirit of Man published a photo of Iran's radicals having fun destroying an American symbol
Iranian Basijis (militias loyal to supreme leader) throwing stones at the white house (looks like the building of the US Congress/Senate to me).

Hundreds of the militants gathered to form a human chain around the Iran's most important nuclear site in Natanz.

This photo was taken yesterday by Fars News during a state run protest in city of Natanz, in central Iran.
Fortunately, most Iranians don't share their hatred of the US. The Basiji's are just as nuts in how they treat the Iranian people. They are the enforcers of the regime. They are the Iranian equivalent of the Nazi brownshirts.