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Thursday, October 06, 2005

News from Iran 10/06/2005

This report is going to be divided into 3 sections. One for news, one for Irnian military and terrorism, and one for the names of political prisoners.

Arash Motamed, an Iranian blogger, writes Three Options for the Current Crises: War, Talks with the US, Referendum on Rooz Online. "The brain child of the current approach to the nuclear issue is no other than Ali Larijani, who chairs the Supreme National Security Council and is Iran’s chief negotiator at the IAEA talks. His goal and that of his team is to buy time to respond properly to a situation that they themselves have created."

Amil Imani, an Iranian blogger, has this to say: Former Student Warns of Islamic Republic's Plan. "The Islamic Republic practices a similar style to Stalin, using forced confessions to prosecute the open-minded activist in Iran. This is not a 30-minute television drama; and unless you've been deprived of the basic necessities for weeks on end or longer, and physically attacked by guards each night, it may impossible to see yourself admitting to a crime you didn't committed."

Steven Forrest, The Internet: Brought to You By Iran, Syria and China "At this week’s WSIS meetings in Geneva, France pushed the European Union to propose a new Internet Governance plan. If adopted, the EU's proposal - which calls for a government-run body to control the Internet - would mean the end of ICANN and business-led Internetpolicies, and hand over the future of the Internet to countries such as Iran, Syria and China."

Paul Owens writes for the Orlando Sentinel. He brings us A Dire Threat. "Iran has actively supported terrorist groups whose targets have included Americans and U.S. interests. Indeed, Berman provocatively declares that "the Islamist war against the United States" began with the Iranian Revolution, not the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks more than two decades later."

Iran Focus Iran has set up torture chamber in Iraqi capital “Today, Baghdad is a lawless capital with no government presence and with para-military forces in control."

Uri Dan writes TERROR TRAIL OF CASH LEADS TO IRAN, SAUDIS in the New York Post. What investigators have uncovered is the secret funneling of millions of dollars from Iran and Saudi Arabia to groups like Hamas in the West Bank.

The money played a major role in the five-year offensive, begun in September 2000, that accounted for more than 24,000 attacks by Palestinians on Israelis, including 142 homicide bombings.

Washington Times wrtes this article: Army takes control of Iran nukes by David R. Sands. "Iran's new president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has placed the military firmly in control of his nation's nuclear program, undercutting his government's claim that the program is intended for civilian use, according to a leading opposition group."

Foreign Policy (free registration required) writes With Friends Like These: "An Iranian group has killed American civilians, allied itself with Saddam Hussein, and holds a spot on the State Department’s terrorist watch list. So why might it become America’s newest friend in the Middle East? Hint: Tehran." <...> "...there is a possibility that the CIA may be deploying the MEK in western Afghanistan."

This leaves me to wonder, do we have more spies in the offices that are supposed to be protecting us? Hmm...

The Iran Press News: The regime's military manoeuvre blunders in Kurdistan. This was a 3 day "training effort" to prepare for any riots or take-overs that rose up in the coming days for the case of true democracy. They want to make it known that this will not be tolerated! It's a good read.

Political Prisoners
Abdolfattah Soltani has been in solitary confinement for the past 2 months.

myTELUS brings us Iran sentences dissident to 5 years in jail for trying to topple Islamic system. TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - A revolutionary court Sunday sentenced a prominent liberal political dissident to five years in prison on charges of trying to topple the Islamic system, his lawyer said.

Mohammad Mohsen Sazgara was also sentenced in absentia to five years deprivation of his social rights, meaning he cannot take official posts or compete in elections.

The Iran Press News: Concocted charges against Kurdish activists and protestors. Many people, including journalists, have been arrested in relationship to the unrest in Kurdistan, Iran, earlier this year. Many accusations are false, and they are looking for more people, including Ms.Roya Tolouii, Mr. Saeed Saa'edi and Ejlaal Qavami. They claim these are the organizers. The only problem is...these riots were spontaneous!

Hat tip to Daily Briefing on Iran.
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