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Monday, October 24, 2005

I Need a Vacation

I don't know if I'm going to write anything today about the Hariri assassination that the UN blames on Syria and Lebonan top officials, Iranian atrocities, politics, Church, Darfur (except call your Senator. Demand action, not words.), or whatever else I may have written about. I don't feel like it. Nobody reads it. No one comments. I do not know what to write that may "please" you (not that I care), nor do I know how I am doing in bringing this information to you. You say nothing.

Don't mind me. It's my "personal" time. I just feel like being a pain. I made a promise to myself to write at least one post per day. Well, here it is. Love it or leave it. (lol) God, I want to back to bed! My other site's template is messed up, there is so much news that I cannot possibly share with you (because you won't let me know what you want covered! lol), and I hurt all over. Good night in the middle of the day. Oh well. lol.