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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I DISLIKE the Post Office!

I am so angry, I just have to get this out. I stay home all day, everyday. Nothing unreasonable, right? Do you think the Post Office could get off their lazy arses and walk up the stairs? NO! I hate getting these slips that I have to sign for a certified letter I did not want. Especially when they want me to come down to the Post Office! Why? Because they are fat and lazy!

I am disabled. I cannot walk for any distance. I can stand up, yes. Because I can, I am not entitled to a wheelchair. Ergo, I am a prisoner in my home. I have my brother to care for me. I do not need the aggravation of the stupid Post Office, and they want to raise stamps?! Go to hell.

Please excuse me, but I am very angry. I do not like being reminded of my limitations. I am very happy most of the time. I want to do more, but I cannot. I haven't learned how to deal with that, so I don't. lol. Oh, and I got another letter today. So much for the Police helping me.

I went to court. I had to. I got the restraining order. Now it is just a piece of paper that allows the Police to prosecute AFTER I'm hurt or dead. Thanks a lot. I'm sure glad I have my .22, and whatever else I need. lol. When it comes down to him or me, all I can say is it won't be me! Have a great day.

P.S. I'll be fine. I just needed to get this off my chest.