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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Holiday's for Heroes

Now is the time we must all come together, no matter your political bent, to show our men and women in the Military they are not forgotten and how much we appreciation them. Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up on us quickly. We need to act NOW.

I have a list of items they would like (because this is their request!) If you cannot go shopping for them or do not feel comfortable trying to deal with the mail, you may make a tax-free donation at Soldiers Angels. Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Now for that list:
Holiday Stockings (homemade with special decorations and messages are wonderful, store bought is also great) as well as the little presents to stuff inside such as:
- Individual packets of hot chocolate, cider or hot soup mix…
- Candy (bite sized, individually wrapped, all kinds)
- AT&T Phone Cards (asking for this brand because it works in the Middle East area)
- Hand held games (playing cards, battery games with batteries, please)
- Small puzzle books
- Miniature Menorah
- Small, signed Holiday cards from you and your families simply addressed to "Soldier" or "Hero." Homemade Cards are Welcome! Be sure to enclose your name and address.
-Candy/gum (chocolate is safe in November to ship)
-beef jerky
-hot chocolate packets/Apple cider packets
-lip balm
-tuna in a snack kit
-instant oatmeal packets
-black knit caps (these can be found at Dollar General type stores too)
-nail clippers
-chemical hand warmers
-18" Christmas tree with decorations

Do not panic. Focus on only a few. I have another link you may find information as to shipping, as well as many other good suggestions. Holly has been a great help to us all. I hope you will get over there...RIGHT NOW! lol. Have a great day.