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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Forget the Truth, Indict!

It has been bothering me for sometime now. This is the 6th time, 1+1+1+1+1+1, Mr. Earl has tried to take down Rep. DeLay. On the 6th try, he got an indictment on the day the grand jury was to end. There was only one problem. There were no charges in it. That's right. There were no charges, so they had to do something fast.

As soon as the next grand jury came in and before they even had time to hear instructions, they were to hear testimony on Rep. DeLay's case to render a decision. It took them 5 hours. FIVE HOURS?

I am not a lawyer, nor am I a politician, but could someone please explain to me how, after 3 or so years of trying, these people could have possibly been given all the evidence to render an indictment? How does one go from "conspiracy" to "money laundering" and "conspiracy to launder money"?

Honestly. I would like to know. Maybe I am the ignorant one. I doubt it, but it could happen. Do we now just forget about the law? What law?

The foreman of the last case had declared him guilty before he was even on the grand jury. You do not have to believe me. He said it himself! He was on a radio program in Texas. I'm sorry I do not know which one, but I am sure Rush Limbaugh does. He has the tape of it! (I believe it was in the 3rd hour.)

Rep. DeLay's attorney, Dick DeGuran (sp?) is on the radio with Sean Hannity right now. The crime Rep. DeLay was charged with wasn't even on the books in 2002. No one bothered to search the Law Books!

DA Ronnie Earl went to the grand jury, they voted no bill (no crime), he said forget I was here. This was on Monday, He went to another grand jury, his 3rd, to get this 2nd indictment. This was his third grand juries in the space of 5 business days.

Corporations cannot donate to candidates in Texas, but they can give to Political Action Committees (PAC's). In some states, it is legal to accept corporation money. However, there was NO mixture of the two.

Corporate money went to RNC who sent it to states where it is legal to accept corporate money. When asked if he thought it was a political attack, he answered, "No question it's a political attack against Rep. Tom DeLay." Even if he does bring charges against this out-of-control DA, the damage has already been done. Rep. DeLay has had to step down from his seat as Republican Majority Leader.

DA Ronnie Earl encouraged this foreman (in the tape) to go out, and talk about the case! Grand juries are sworn to secrecy! ...and the beat goes on...

Update The Austin American-Statesman is a newspaper. This is not where I got my sources from, but you may read this and come to the same conclusion as I. I hope this helps to make it more clear for my friends whom disagree with me politically. We can still be friends!