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Friday, October 07, 2005

A Dark Day for Liberty

I am very upset at this moment, therefore I will just give you a quote I found at Indepundit:
The issue under dispute is the presence of a large Latin cross in the center of the 50-year-old memorial. The judge says that any attempt by the City of San Diego to preserve that cross represents "an unconstitutional preference of religion" and is therefore prohibited.
It was voted on by the We The People to keep this cross by 75%. So much for voting.
Just this month, on Veterans' Day, a new plaque was added to the Mt. Soledad Memorial to honor President Reagan, further strengthening its status as a monument worthy of national protection, Wildmon said.
Please visit the site. Smash has a collection of many pictures that could possibly be the next ACLU target, and why not? Without God...I don't even care to ponder it.

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Hat tip to Indepundit.