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Friday, September 16, 2005

You HAVE to see this!

Blackfive has a video of a UAV taking on 5 terrorists. Who do you think won? hehehe. It is wonderful to know that we have people who actually care what happens to our men and women in uniform. It sure is a shame that the msm does not get it.

If they did, they would have asked President Talibani some questions while he was here visiting President Bush on the 13 of September! What did the press what to know? What were his plans for Katrina! THIS IS A NEW PRESIDENT OF A NEW COUNTRY! History is being made, and all they care about is Katrina?

They had no interest. Fortunately, I know someone who captured the speech he gave after the President and he spoke and before the press' questions. Good job all the way around.

You could say we killed birds with one UAV and one bright blogger! LOL. See ya back in the future, msm! lol.

Hat tip to Jerry for the speech.