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Friday, September 23, 2005

Revolutionary Guard to stand guard at schools

The Commander of the disciplinary forces in Iran, Revolutionary Guard Zaareii, expressed his concern about reopening the schools due to disciplinary actions needed to be enforced.
"Mobilizing security forces, secret police and disciplinary teams around schools is of utmost importance and must at all times be kept in place. The operation, entitled 'ZAFAR' has been so far effective in the province of Tehran. Since the second week of September 3000 people have been arrested and 8450 others have been ordered to appear in court.
Of the people who have given a notice to appear, 227 have already been put in jail while 11 more have been detained. Most of these people are between the age of 25 and 29.

The Revolutionary Guard is permitted to enter homes and business without warning. If you have a satellite dish, you will go to jail. They do not want anyone to receive any information from outside what the government is telling them.
"We have so far arrested 12500 people for the socially corruptive and disorderly use of 3000 satellite dishes."
Ahmadi-Moghad'dam is the Executive Director of at least one squadron. He has noted that the Revolutionary Guard will be at the schools all year to make sure no one is "socially corruptive and disorderly."

They will be all over the schools the whole school year. Right now, they are just in Tehran. They may face much dissent amongst the students in the Mahabad Capital of Kurdistan, Iran. Earlier this year, the Revolutionary Guard murdered one of the Kurdish activists. There was a month of protests, but the "press" did not report it. [read more].