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Friday, September 30, 2005

Planned Parenthood and Eugenics

As I was reading Black Genocide, I began to wonder how and why it is not alright to discuss the black community as it is equally an American community. I was stunned at what I found.

A woman by the name of Margaret Sanger had started Planned Parenthood as a way to rid America of the "unfits." This includes poor, unintellectual, unintelligent, "ill," religious, and anyone else who bothered her is my guess!

She was a strong advocate of Eugenics, which today is being practiced in substance but not by name. We know it as "abortion." Here is a link to many other sources of eugenics.

She also advocated the elimination of all races except the white race. Planned parenthood was the way, she devised, to prevent the procreation of black people having children. This is absolutely WRONG and should be condemned by all, not fought for tooth and nail by the Democrats.

Does anyone doubt what I say? That is why I have provided sources. Please read Black Genocide. It is very enlightening and eye-opening. It also leads me to wonder...if the Democrats really care about their constituents, why do they want less of them?

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