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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Iran's Terror Threat against USA

The Iran Press News has reported Massoud Jazayeri saying to a reporter
"The slightest action taken by the United States vis a vis this matter will turn every single one of that country's states, into a disaster area. The lack of management in the face of Hurricane Katerina clearly showed us that 'people' are quite capable of turning the soil of the United States in to a cataclysmica, war torn area whenever they wish."
This was in response to a question of what Iran would do should the USA try to stop them from pursuing enriched uranium to build their nuclear "program."

He also noted that the USA government (Senators and Congresspeople) were very incompetent. This is most likely based on the fact that at every chance they perceive as having a negative effect on President Bush they jump on it.

This causes disunity in the government. It is also perceived as weakness. Iran does not understand democracies, since they run a terrorist regime.

It certainly is a shame that our Senators and Congresspeople (and Governors and Mayors for that matter) do not understand why the bickering must stop at the borders edge.

Many people do not believe we are still at war, because they have life so great in most places. This is a wrong thing to believe, because we are at war. Whether or not we like it or want it, if we do not fight them over there, they WILL be over here--if they are not already.

They have behaved badly, and it is we the people who will pay the price. Thanks a lot. I hope it was worth it.

This is the news I wrote for Knickerbocker News. Now it is time for me to give you a piece of my mind!

How dare they bicker all the time! Do they not understand what it looks like to the rest of the world? It makes us look weak and easy to attack. If/when we are attacked again, I will and do blame the Democrat Party, the anti-war crowd, and the Hate America First crowd. Could you please exlain the difference to me???

We have raised around one half billion dollars on our own, and some people are making it look like we are begging for others' help! THIS IS NOT TRUE. The question, "Where are they now that we are hurting?" was a rhetorical question, not a demand for your damn money.

Take it back. We were just expressing our frustration about how much we help the world and when we need help, we do it ourselves. This is about who we are! We are Americans, and we don't need your stinking, lousy money! We were only showing your ingratitude.

If you can look in the mirror and not be grateful, we want nothing to do with you. That means all of you who did not give from your heart but through your guilt. To those who gave through your hearts, God bless you. Thank you, because we do appreciate YOU. The rest can kiss my ***. Thank you.