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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Iran's Dictator Wants Negotiators Tried

Al Arabiya Television has written an article about Ahmadinejad. He was so angry because Iran is now facing possible sanctions. This is due to the IAEA's reporting them to the UN, regardless of all the threats from Iran.

He blames the prior negotiators. He wants them to be tried. For what crime is still unknown.
Ahmadinejad has demanded that the authorities of the previous team of nuclear negotiators of the regime, headed by Mullah Hasan Rowhani (who was also the previous head of Iran's Supreme National Security Council) be prosecuted. This reportage added that Ahmadinejad's administration blames Rowhani and his team for agreeing to the suspension of Uranium enrichment, which lead to the IAEA's board of governors' present decision. The report also states that Ahmadinejad has accused the team of showing weakness and vulnerability, leaking secret information regarding the regime's nuclear activities to the Europeans.
Wait one minute. Iran has claimed for the last 3 years that they had no secret plans, so what secret plans could he possibly be referring to? Is it within the scope of anyone's imagination they have a nuclear weapons program going on here? Hmm. Very interesting. Indeed.

Sources: Daily Briefing on Iran and Iran Press News.