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Monday, September 12, 2005

Batebi's: Political Prisoner on the Run

Cyrus News Ahmad Batebi was a young student leader in the picture that you see here. He was attending Tehran University when the uprising of 1999 occured. He was imprisoned by the Iranian Guard and sentenced to death. With the outcries from all over the world, the sentence was reduced to 15 years.

During a temporary release, Batebi managed to escape about 4 months ago. It is rare to to be able to have an interview with him, because he does not have the same e-mail more than 48-72 hours. He stays in safe houses. Most of the interviews have to be cancelled due to the fact that each time there is one arranged, the Guard seems to be catching up to him.

He admits to being tortured, and he decided to take this chance to tell the world about the way life is in Iran. Beside Akbar Ganji, there are many other political prisoners in Iran. Journalists, students, young, old, anyone who "appears" to "disobey" or "dishonor" the Ayatollah or Islam. The only thing is, the rules change on the whim of the arresting officer!

Due to the fact that there are not more people who are famous who are imprisoned for political reasons, he is willing to come forward for the Iranian people. He is reaching out to all free peoples. He is trying reason with people in the west. Will anyone hear him? Will you also ignore his pleas? Please, do not let his voice go unheard. Millions of people are counting on us.

Batebi is absolutely shocked at the conciliatory reaction after the fraud of the elections held in Iran. He thought for sure your eyes would be opened, and you would see the truth about the corrupt, murderous regime. They are trying to become "legitimate" so there could be no regime change. His heart is broken over this, yet he presses on.

If we do not pressure Iran to reform, if we allow Ahmadinejad on USA soil to meet with the UN, if we close our eyes to this situation, because it is too difficult; we will not be free from suicide attacks, the Iranian people will suffer greatly, and the regime will achieve a nuclear bomb. Are you willing to live with this on your conscience without at least trying?

Batebi has said the more pressure we put on the regime, the better the people are treated. He sees no hope for the future, at least not anytime soon. Please read the whole article. Let us do all we can to help our brothers and sisters. Thank you.

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