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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Speaker: Removing illegal aliens

Okay. We bemoan and cry about the illegal alien problem. Are we willing to do anything about it? Let's see.
EVENT OF THE MONTH: The California Republican Assembly loves the truth. Yet, it always makes the Left angry. The Simi Valley-Moorpark RA (of which I am a member) will hold a major meeting on illegal aliens at the Moorpark City Hall, Citrus Room, 799 Moorpark Ave, Moorpark (Ventura County). The event will begin at 1:00pm on August 20. The main speaker will be Andy Ramirez, leader in the effort to stop illegals from coming across the border. It is expected that the Left will attend this event--will you? Important that we have a large turnout of folks from Ventura and the surrounding counties to prove to the media we want the border closed to illegal aliens. For more information, please contact me. Let's have hundreds show up and send a message!!!
I have known Steve for years now. He is a very nice gentleman. He is also serious. He knows what's what in politics, and if he is calling upon us, we should help. Please show up if you can. Thank you.

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