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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Prayers Needed for Sgt. J. Bozik

.Sgt. Joseph Bozik was injured in Iraq by a landmine. He lost both legs and one arm. He is going in for surgery August 8, 2005 to remove his "ugly stump." If all goes well, two weeks later he will another operation to remove some bone growth in his right leg. He cannot walk on his prosthetics. The pain is too great.

He is in constant pain. He tries to be strong, but the pain is greater. His family lives on the west coast, and he is in Walter Reid, near Washington, D.C. This family has been through an awfully lot. You may read about the his and their endeavors at Blackfive's site.
Gratefully, he has a wonderful mother and gracious fiance. They are doing all they can to keep his spirits up. Now it is time for us to our part for his family, his fiance, and him. Let us keep him in our prayers, and be specific.

Pray for the pain to be no more. Pray for the operations to be successful. Pray that he will walk again soon. Pray for strength and comfort for all of them and yes, pray for peace through these times of trials. Anything else you could think of that is specific, please leave as a comment. I will add it to my prayer list. Thank you.