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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

News from around the World 8/17/2005

There are 3 articles about the underlying troubles between the USA and Venezuela. The first one, written by Andy Webb-Vidal, involves President Urbine of Columbia. President Bush welcomed Alvaro Uribe to his home near Crawford, Texas, tightening their political ties. This is very important. Columbia is a large country in South America.

Columbia is facing a devastating war-torn country, and he would like some help from the USA. This war has been 41 years long over illegal drug exports.

The USA has been very critical of Venezuela, claiming they were actively trying to interfere with the democratically elected neighbors. Venezuela is not a member of CAFTA.

Chavez has been accused of aiding and arming groups in Bolivia, Ecuador and elsewhere. The USA is also concerned about Chavez's purchase of 100,000 AK-47's from Russia. They are expected to end up in the hands of leftist terrorists, FARC.

In another article, the State Dept. is worried by the sale of weapons from Russia. Nothing new, but more detailed.

There has been much chatter about China and Russia as far as weapons and testings. They have the whole Pacific Rim anxious. This article, however, is about the Chinese military build-up. Of course there is always Taiwan, which we have a pact to protect. (People really should learn history.)