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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I Demand Answers: 9/11 Commission Cover-up

Why is the 9/11 Commission not responding to charges that they told "Tony" they did not need his information? "Tony" is one of the men who worked on the "Able Danger" project.

They knew one year, at least, who and where Atta was living and what he was doing. They also tried to inform the Commission, but they were told, "We don't need your information." Huh???

What did they need? Were they not trying to find out what went wrong with intelligence? Was this not intelligence? Who are they protecting?

Let us not forget Sandy Berg[l]er. Isn't it suspicious that his classified status was only revoked long enough to give him clearence during the next presidential run? Hmm.

I have so many questions, and no answers. I want answers.