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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Do I Have a Roundup for You!

Starting with Afghan Lord, he is trying to get the alleged BBC worker to stop threatening his life because of words. He is a kind man who loves freedom. This is reason to threaten him? Hmm. If it is not the BBC, then who? It came from a BBC computer, so do they let many people who do not work for them use their computers? Please make yourself aware of Afghan Lord's situation. The more people who know, the less danger their may be.

Jane, of Armies of Liberation, is reporting on Yemen whom the Center for Strategic Studies. It appears that they are receiving pressure to become more democratic, since it's constitution clashes with itself.

Fausta over at The Bad Hair Blog has written a remarkable article about the French and their possible culpability in the Iraqi war. It is worth the time. It is a good read, and it doesn't take too long. I am shocked! Shocked! I tell you! Imagine this, there is gambling in the casino. lol.

Shamalama, over at Common Folk using Common Sense, brings a tragically funny story from London to point to our stupidity. It is a good read, as always.

Dagney, of Dagney's Rant, has done it once again. She is a crack up that keeps me in good spirits. If you are a Democrat, you may be amused, but only if you are as tired of the squabbling going on in the US Senate. Otherwise, I recommend you don't read this one. lol.

Demosophist shares with us some very powerful feelings. He reaches back in time, and he describes a friendship and the innocence that era. It is well worth reading. I intended to take a glance at it, but it is one of those pieces of writing that draws you in as if you are there, also.

Steve has three articles for us today. Don't worry, they are not long. This one is a struggle between human rights and property rights. In the rights were sacred. That is my opinion. This is about the miracle baby! Her mother has been in a brain dead for 3 months and "gave birth" (c-section) yesterday. This is a tribute Steven Vincent. It is a should read.

The Jack of Clubs has brought us a new type of music. Well it's new to me! lol. It really is pretty interesting for those of you who enjoy music. Great fun!

Leav has the media pegged against Ambassador John Bolton's recess appointment. Does it matter to you? It does to me. Go John Bolton! Kick some lazy touches! Get them moving in the right direction. Oh, just go over and check it out! lol.

Michael has an article about the "space walk" that took place today. It is truly amazing, in my opinion, what these people are attempting to do. He also speaks of the President's plans to continue the missions with new and better equipment. I agree. After we see this for the 2nd time, I believe the people will approve of the upgrades.

For my scientific friends, have I a treat for you! Mr. Kurtz's Neighborhood has quite an interesting piece over at his site on turbulence and chaos. Scientifically speaking. It's fascinating!

Here are some stories from Love America First
Seawitch has written a well thought out piece on the dangers of Hamas, the PLO, and all the other supposed "peace partners." It is chilling.
Demosophist has written a short piece about the reporter, Steven Vincent. He also has links to others whom have written. Fausta has written about some of the policies of France. Her article would be funny, if it weren't so serious. Oh heck, it's still funny! After all, it is the French. lol. Good job, Fausta. We will be wishing a safe trip to Tom from The RedHunter, because he will be away for 10 days-2 weeks. May he serve the Lord graciously, and many hear His Word. Godspeed, my friend.