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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Able Danger, Part 2

Before this discussion begins, let me remind everyone, including myself, that we do NOT have all the facts yet. With that in mind, please continue.

Jaime Gorelik determined that we needed to protect terrorists rights, so we could not share intelligence between the CIA and the FBI. This is the "wall" that was erected by Ms. Gorelik. There was to be no intelligence sharing from overseas (CIA) to domestic (FBI) agents.

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer contacted Mr. Zelikow, the spokesperson staffer for the 9/11 Committee, while in Bahrain. The 9/11 Commission refused to see him upon his return due to, they said, "He was just complaining." He denies this. There are also 25 boxes of information out there somewhere, but the Commission claims to have not seen them.

The intelligence to prevent 9/11 was out there by "Able Danger," but no one was fired. When the crowds of people (of which I was one) called for Tenet's head on a silver platter, nothing happened. They took away Tony Shaffer's security clearance due to $67 of business calls made from his home phone, $.25/minute of which he offered to pay. Are you kidding me? Kill the messenger?

(BTW, Sandy Berger, who stole, God only knows, from the National Security Archives received a $10,000 fine and his clearance was revoked for 3 years. He gets his clearance returned in time for the next presidential election. What are the chances for Tony? Hmm.)

I understand President Bush needed the government to appear "as if" everything was under control. President Bush, would you please get the departments speaking to one another?

Many were disappointed that no one was fired. Maybe this was the best way to handle it, but some disagree. The atmosphere in the CIA and FBI is the same, even after Tenet has gone. Terrible.

Good hearts are needed when dealing with evil, but a warrior's heart is also necessary. Fortunately some of the actions taken have moved the agencies closer to where they need to be, as far as the ability to gather intelligence.

We still have a problem with attitudes. Does anyone remember all the leaks from the DoD? That is because Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is trying to change the department! My God, you'd think he was doing that which drove people crazy, and it did. Good. It was necessary!

The culture is still CYA. This may be the reason for the angst between Able Danger and the 9/11 Commission.

We do not pay you to keep your job. We do not pay you to lose your job. We pay you to protect us. If you cannot do this, you need to work somewhere else, not collecting my tax dollars! I understand that Clinton nor Bush suspected terrorism as being as serious or immediate a threat that it was. That is why we pay you to know, CIA, FBI, NSA and DoD!

There is much talk of Congressional and Senatorial hearings about the 9/11 Commission. There are papers missing from Able Danger. Where did they go? What was on them? Why was Gorelik allowed anywhere near this Commission? She should have been a witness, not an antagonist.

We, the People, deserve the truth. We deserve you to do your jobs, and not look the other way because you do not want to hear bad news. Shame on you, Tenet and Gorelik.

COMMENTARY: How do you sleep at night knowing it is because of your negligence 3000 people are gone, dead, dreams crushed, widows and widowers who will never see their loved ones again? How do you do it? Is politics that important to you? Then you need to be put away into a psycho hospital for the rest of your lousy lives.

Source: Tony Snow Radio program, 6:20am-7:30am, August 17, 2005. Other sources: Brian Maloney at the Radio Equalizer Michelle Malkin, Fox News, Northeast Intelligence Network, Washington Monthly (a look at the other side), Pundit Review Radio program every Sunday night at 9pm EST, and Winds of Change.

Update: Ex-Senator Slate Gordon of Washington State is on the Michael Medved show (12pm PCT), and he is denying that Ms. Gorelik had anything to do with the "wall." He said she was excused from all talks that had to do with it.

Well, I remember seeing her in the room during the questioning of John Ashcroft! So you tell me, was she, or was she not, privy to the information? He is also claiming that Able Danger had no information. They are now talking about the State Dept.'s warning in 1996 printed in the NY Times.

I am going to listen. I'm afraid I cannot do both write and listen at the same time. I have tried, mind you! I usually don't do well at either. Well, sometimes. lol.

Nothing to see here. What a disgrace.

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