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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Supreme Court nominees noise

Justice O'Connor left the bench, and 45 seconds later the noise began. I have so much "data" in my head about when, where, why, and what affect it had on society that my head is about to float off my shoulders!

Could we all just calm down and wait until we know WHO is going to be the nominee? I would really appreciate it.

I have too many pieces of "data" to even recall them to put them down on paper. It is what we call in college, "Overload." "Burned-out."

Of course I care. Why else would allow myself to be abused this way?! lol. Of course I want to know all, but what good is it doing me? I made my phone calls on the first day, and that is enough. I do not want to anger the President into doing what I do not want him to do, which is to nominate the AG. Al Gonzales.

Why not? He agrees with the far-Left about abortion. Plain and simple. I do not care what else he is good at. It doesn't affect human life in a way such as this. Am I a one issue voter? No. Am I a one issue justice nominee watcher? No. This one is just too large not to notice and get my ire. Thanks for stopping by.