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Friday, July 08, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI's Calls for Holiness

What a wonderful article, though they may not know this. lol. The Vatican is about to produce this document.
The lament came in a new document on the Eucharist that details abuses of the sacrament and the need for better instruction to ensure it remains sacred. The 85-page text is the working draft of a final document that will be developed during the global synod, or meeting, of bishops Oct. 2-23 in Rome. [read more]

In essense, there is too much sin of sexual immorality and divorce continuing without any leadership. Leadership in a way that sin is pointed out to a person to give them an opportunity to save their soul. It does no one any favor to allow them to go to hell. Just so you don't offend them?

NONSENSE! Chickens! If you truly love the Lord and those whom you serve, prove it. Just as I have had to lose "friends," because they were going down the wrong path, you must also. Be bold. Be strong. For the Lord your God is with you.

For those who do not believe in God, I do not love you any less. That is your decision. I just pray that before you die, you change your mind. If that is intimidating, you are a frail person, indeed. (I am not Catholic. I am Christian.)