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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

News Roundup 7/20/2005

Chinese Buildup Seen as Threat to Region By Ann Scott Tyson, Washington Post. Staff Writer
This has also caused stress between the Defense Department and the State Department who prefers a more benign diplomatic approach. The DoD, however, is very concerned, because China's nukes can reach India, Russia, and the USA. They are spending the 3rd most of their budget behind the USA and Russia. They have been, and are continuing to be, a grave threat. Good read.

Rice heads to Africa, Middle East for peace.
Rice is making her first trip to Africa since becoming secretary of state, with two stops in Sudan, where a new reconciliation government has emerged from decades of north-south fighting. The new government is still a work in progress, and there is plenty of suspicion among the former rivals.

Even while congratulating Sudan for ending one conflict, Rice will press for an end to what the Bush administration calls genocide taking place in the vast nation's western Darfur region. She departed on her trip Tuesday.

Bush names Roberts to Supreme Court, By Joseph Curl, The Washington Times.
This is an article about the Supreme Court nominee.

Bill gives illegals temporary status, By Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times
Sen. Cornyn (R) from Texas and Sen. Kyl (R) from Arizona say that their bill is better because it emphasizes enforcement of the laws. Uhmm...why is it you want them to stay here illegally for 5 years, give them legal status, then say they must go home to reapply for a guest worker pass? Where is the enforcement? Shame on you! (Read this, if your blood pressure can handle it.)

Hall of Fame lineman Jim Parker dies, By David Ginsburg, The Associated Press
Baltimore Colts tackle Jim Parker, seen here in a 1959 photo, was the first full-time lineman elected to the Hall of Fame in 1973. He died Monday, July 18, 2005. He was the first pick in the 1957 draft. He helped Baltimore win two NFL championships before retiring in 1967. He earned All-Pro honors in eight straight seasons, was named to the Pro Bowl eight times. Very good read.

Staff members of Saddam tribunal dismissed for links to Baath Party.
These members were dismissed as part of de-Baathification. There were 9 that were dismissed, with another 19 on a list to be scrutinized. This is suspected to be one of the reasons the trial is taking so long. Short but good read.

Moderate Muslims don't always agree that suicide bombing is wrong. Duh.
Italy seeks to arrest purported CIA operatives. They're upset, because they wouldn't give them up, and we got them. Boo-hoo.
Judge's decision leads to debate on Koran in court. By Patrik Jonsson, The Christian Science Monitor.
Ko'ran v. Bible? New First Amendment dilemna.