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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Good Sites in Iran

The Daily Briefing on Iran is a very good site for research and just to find out what is happening that we are not being told about by the American or other press. I guess they have deemed it "unnewsworthy." Well, I have a different opinion.

They uses references, newspapers, journalists, eyewitnesses. I guess that is why our papers don't trust this news. They have forgotten how to do jounalism! lol.

I visit this site often. They have political prisoners, protests, violence and mass of other news that we do not hear about which I find negligence on behalf of "The Old Grey Lady." It certainly is a sad day when the news decides to take the side of terrorists and those countries leaders that support them, because of their hatred for the president.

Do not let that stop you, however! Now you know. Visit it often. At the end of the day, there is always a roundup of all the articles, in case you missed something you wanted to check out.

Another good site is Rooz Online, English. A friend of mine writes for this paper now and then. He says that it is basically a cultural paper. He does not want to cause any friction, and I cannot say that I blame him. He is a sweet man, though. Check it out if you want to know what is going on outside of Iran and inside the cultural areas.

Blog-Iran is another good site. This person is very brave. He/she is an activist, and tells it the way he/she sees things. Very interesting, exciting, and sometimes scary.

Well, that's about it from Iran for now. Please don't forget to sign the petitions for the bloggers in prison, and write a letter in protest of Mr. Ganji's poor health due to being a political prisoner. You will find these three sites right after Media Bias. The title on the sidebar for them is "Help Political Prisoners in the ME." Thank you.