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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Early News: London

It appears there may have been another attack. There is smoke seen in one train in the tube. (Reuters) I am hearing something of a nail bomb? Three trains have been evacuated. The entire area has been closed off. There has been a reported explosion. Downtown London. Traffic is at a dead stop. I believe it is rush hour. Right now all you can see is smoke. It may be nothing. Let's hope it's a false alarm. Until later, pray.

Found a device at the subway. There is no sense to this as far as anything on the Muslim calendar. WHO THE HELL CARES!!!! Confirmation: Suggestion of bombs. Wait and see. Excuse my little outburst, burst. I will not erase it, because I want to be honest with you. One witness says they saw the bomb go off. Question that witness!!! Chances are...?! Three stations: no bomb in one, suggestion of bus is not good, bombs are not as powerful. I cannot listen to Katie Curric much longer. No one else is covering this! See ya in a bit.

There is one death. Correction: Not one death. News journalist witnessed the backpack explode. Police are not calling this a major incident, but they have raised the threat level to red. (After they had lower in less than 2 weeks!) We will find out later. I can't take this anymore. They are making stuff up to be on TV, Gunshots? No? oh. Give me a break, Katie.

Okay. No more coverage until late, late, late. There apparently was no explosion. Go figures. Reuters lied. I'm shocked, SHOCKED! There's gambling in this casino! Don't get me started. If I have to get the news from the TV, I am not going to report it. Period. I'm pissed. This is not something you fool around with. These people are morally bankrupt idiots.

Yeah, alright. So it isn't later, but I heard this on the radio! An arrest has been made I believe at a hospital. That's all for now folks. lol.