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Friday, July 22, 2005

The BBC and Islamofascists

Ahmad from Iraqi Expat has finally made it to big times! He got his blog mentioned in the paper. Unfortunately, it was the BBC.

I made the mistake of reading past where I saw his blog mentioned, and I found the BBC trying to blame America for the attacks on London. Not only do they blame America, they blame Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher!

You have to suffer to read this. You must read down quite a way. I will never understand how they can say that London has grit, when they don't even have sense. This is sick. (Excuse me to all the Brits that see this as I do.)

Correction: When I first ran this story, I was negligently did not inform you that the author of this article was not expressing his opinions. He was merely repeating, as you can tell by the quotes, what bloggers all over were talking about after the bombings in London. It is not the Brits who are blaming the USA. It was one blogger (and I would imagine others.) For this, I apologize to Mr. Alan Connor. I gave the impression he was biased when he was not. That was wrong. No excuses.