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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

We need our Troops need us

...Our troops understand the stakes, and that is why they are risking their lives; they believe so strongly in the mission they are serving.

When Howard and I see the news media only report on the 'bad' news coming out of Iraq and when the news media paints U.S. troops as irresponsible, we are deeply saddened. Can you imagine what our troops feel like when after enduring 115-degree heat, long strenuous days, and attacks from terrorist insurgents, to have some reporter from Newsweek or CBS defame them to the world?

Well, we're determined to continue the fight to overcome the liberal news media's anti-military bias. We're sick of our news media trying to turn the people of this nation against our heroic troops! We've been stepping up our "Cookies & Coffee for Our Troops" program - the program where you send a package of cookies, coffee and a personalized message of support DIRECTLY to our troops serving in the field in Iraq & Afghanistan.

We just made our most recent shipment and the news media was there to cover our efforts. Watch the TV News broadcast coverage of the "Cookies & Coffee For Our Troops:" Watch the TV Clip Here

There was also a write-up in the Sacramento Bee which you can READ HERE ...

And please - when you process the order, be sure to include a warm, heartfelt note of support - each message is included with every bag of coffee and box of cookies that is delivered to our troops in the field. I can't tell you how many letters we've received from the men and women serving in our military in Iraq, who have been moved by the supportive notes they've received along with their packages.
I believe the e-mail I received could say it better than I. Watch the tape. Read the SacBee. Give what you can. Pray for our Troops. Have a nice day.