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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Tiananmen Square Remembered

Today is the 16th year anniversary of the slaughter of freedom loving, demacratic minded Chinese people. We must never forget this event.

They stood up to their government. That is what we are asking others to do. Yet, what did we do after this happened? The silence if deafening. Indeed.

Lest we forget, this was a peaceful sit-in at Tiananmen Square. The government decided it was time to force the people to leave by any means necessary. The people knew of OUR freedom to assemble, freedom to petition the government for their grievences, and to ASK for Democracy. For this, they were rolled over by Army tanks, beaten, and shot.

We may never know the whole truth about what happened there this day 16 years ago. I do know that they still do not have the right to petition the government. Oh sure. They (the gov't) say you can, but when tens of thousands of people tried to take their grievences to the government this year, they were forced into a stadium and silenced. Real progress, eh?

I do not buy Chinese products if there is any way I can help. You know what I mean. Tell me, do you know where I can buy an American computer??? We need to start making stuff again!

Getting back to the most serious situation of our time. China is backing North Korea is these talks, not the other countries. China is threatening Taiwan. China is selling arms to Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea. China is getting ready for war, and everyone is sleeping. Mark my words.

Today there is a story of China tightening security around Tiananmen Square. I have just one question. Why? Democracies are peaceful. Are they afraid of peace? Then it must be the fear of Freedom and Liberty for all Chinese people.

Dear God, I pray the people who are still behind bars in China for seeking freedom and liberty which is Your gift. May they know Your Peace, Comfort, and Love. I also pray that we never forget what happened on that horrific day, what little we know. May we defeat China and Communism when the time comes. In Jesus' Precious name I pray. Amen.

Update: I have added the Radio Free Asia link and the ABC "Zhao Ziyang was the only person among the top Chinese leadership who had sympathy for the students' point of view." Wang Min, U.S.-based Democracy Activist. He died this year. They will be remembering him as well. More to come.