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Friday, June 10, 2005

Three Federal Justices Confirmed

Thursday in Washington, the Senate confirmed three justices to be on the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

William Pryor, Michigan nominees David McKeague and Richard Griffin. All well qualified men. All held up for years. Why? Maybe the vote will explain that.

William Pryor: 53-45
David McKeague: 96-0
Richard Griffin: 95-0

Hmm? I know they do not like Mr. Pryor who will be serving on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Why? He is a conservative with a bright mind. He also believes in the Constitution and God.

David McKeague will be serving on the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals along with Richard Griffin. What was the hold up? President Bush nominated them. This is the court that heard the case for preferential treatment for school admissions based on color. Sen. Kennedy wrote a memo to keep everyone off that court until it was decided.

What do you mean you didn't know about that? Really? Someone in Sen. Frist's office actually got fired for FINDING the memo! The content? That was never investigated. Republicans were accused of sneaking a peak. As soon as the pigs squeal, the chickens feed them. What else can I say?

Source: Chicago Sun Times and memory.