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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Remembering Reagan

It was one year ago today that I heard that fateful news, and it seems like yesterday. I know he hasn't been seen in public for almost 10 years, but it seems as though he was always here. And he always will be.

He will be here when I think of the free people in Poland, East Germany, Czeck Republic, Albania, and all the Balkin States. I won't forget the fight for freedom against communism in South America, either. He did this with a military he had to build from practically scratch, because Carter didn't seem to think we needed one.

President Reagan also brought this country out of the Carter depression. Yes, it was the Carter depression. Borrowing rates were in the double digits, there were long lines to get a few gallons of gas. That is, if you had an odd or even lisence plate on that particular day. I know that part of Nixon's legacy, also.

President Reagan brought taxes down from 50% to 28%, and the country went into a magical economic recovery. There were uncontrolable circumstances that did happen, such as the bank and loan scam. Wasn't Sen. John McCain, that great moral genious, caught up in that? Hmm.

Today is a day of reflection. A day of sorrow. A day of hope. A day to remember one of the greatest President's the United States of America has had. Indeed. He inspired people to look for the best in everything, achieve the best, hope for best, and believe we could accomplish the best.
Thank you, President Reagan, for the good times. Thank you for the city on the hill.