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Friday, June 03, 2005

Rathergate is alive and kicking back

I couldn't believe my ears. As I awoke from a restful, well needed and deserved sleep, I was greeted by the this coming from my radio:

Larry King: So, are you saying the story (about memogate where they used a forged document to try to bring down a sitting President) might be correct?

Dan Rather: Well, a prudent person might take that view.
I do not appreciate waking up to acrymony. I had no choice. How am I supposed to feel? Happy? I don't think it's funny when people lose their minds, even if it is Dan Rather. It surely is a sad state of affairs for anyone who has to live that way. Especially for those around the person whom is expected to be a reporter of the truth.

IMHO, he didn't resign soon enough. Am a partisan hack? When it comes to politics, yes, but I am not a kool-aid drinker. When it comes to the news, I've noticed how the reporters treat the parties differntly. I have come to the conclusion the reporters are. It may not be intentional, but it is there. I have come to believe I am not. I just want the facts. The whole, unbiased news.

How can I say that? When my values are laughed at, put down, shoved aside as if they didn't matter, I take that personally. You want examples, you say? Okay.

It is not anti-choice, it is pro-life. The only choice the abortionists allow is the death of a child. Try talking about CHOICE for schools, social security, prayer in school, and the such. You will quickly understand there is no choice. It's their way or the highway.

Another one? Okay. Let's talk about the "talking points" they are given by the Democrats. John Bolton is a good man, but you wouldn't know that from the news. Did the reporters sit in on the hearings? They couldn't sit in on all of them, because some were top secret. So why do they hate him (if they do)?

They also refuse to call allowing the judges an up or down vote "the Constitutional Option" instead of the "Nuclear Option." Nuclear has a negative tone to it. There is no such thing as "minority rights" in the Senate. If you haven't noticed, they are mostly old white men! Give me a break.

Let us speak about our Armed Services. Have you heard anything about the Lebonese elections? Do you know how many schools have been renovated, built, restored in Iraq? Do you know how many terrorists have been captured or killed? What about Afghanistan? Do you know they are actually becoming a trading center with Pakistan and India due to our fine men and women?

Do you know that the Sunnis are invited to work on the new Constitution, and they are coming to be a part of it? They are coming from all different sects of the Sunni population. Oh, you didn't know there were differences? I wonder why? Do you think any of this information is news?

Then why is it that all we hear is how many Americans die. We are at war. As sad a fact it is that people die, that is not the only thing that happens, and they are not the only ones dieing. We have had just as many murders in America. Surprised? I'm not.

What about Afghanistan? Yukos? Darfur? Chinese reporters? Iranian reporters? Yemeni reporters?

Afghanistan, you have heard, rioted. What you didn't hear was it was a small group of people in 2 or 3 of the provinces. From Waheed of Afghan Warrior:
Officials claim that militant groups and outsiders were helping to stoke protesters. In my point of view the enemy's hand was behind the destruction and casualties. The people came to protest against the Holy Koran desecration, but there were some enemy among the people, who destroyed government and civilian property. I condemn the desecration of the Holy Koran, but I also condemn the destruction. People have a right to demonstrate, but not to destroy and cause problems for civilians and government.
He states that most of the protests were calm. Outsiders came and did the destruction and murders. Are you aware of that? I didn't think so. Not news? HA!

Yukos is the oil company that (I'm sorry, I don't remember his name) a man owned after Russia privatized it's assets. He is now in prison for 9 years for opposing Putin. So much for freedom, eh? Not news?

How long are we going to sit by while the Black Africans in Darfur are being slaughtered? Passion of the Present and Save can give you material that will shock you to your bones, if you really care.

Fayrouz had this story back in March about Ali Abdulemam, who was jailed in Barain for reporting/blogging. Some of us take what we do seriously. As we should. You can see what others in far away countries do those of us who do not have freedom of speech.

I do not remember where I found the other stories, but I do know I have read them. You do not have to believe me. It is good to be skeptical. However, I have brought many issues to your attention that should alarm you. Why? BECAUSE YOU HAVEN'T HEARD THEM IN THE NEWS. That, after all, is my point.

If you want to call me a political hack partisan, be my guest. Just be able to defend your position. I surely am quite able to defend mine.

Source: Laura Ingraham, Waheed, and Fayrouz. Some papers, like Opinion Journal did cover some of these stories, but I don't recall many others. Thank you.