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Monday, June 06, 2005

News Around the World

North Korea has purchased from Russia 150 tons of aluminum piping to be used as centrifuges to enrich uranium.
North Korea has acquired 150 tons of aluminium piping from Russia to use in its covert uranium-based nuclear weapons program, a Japanese daily said Sunday. [read more]
Aren't we having 6-way talks to STOP NK from producing a nuclear weapon? Hmm.

Lebanon has lost one of their fine, outspoken journalists, Samir Kassir, in a car bomb in Beruit on Thursday. Opinion Journal has a very disturbing story about this and the connections to Syria. There isn't as much information as I would like to have about Samir, but he is well worth mentioning.

This story also discusses the fact that Syria tested some missles for the first time in 4 years. The very disturbing thing about these missles is that they have been built to hold chemical and biological weapons. My question is this: Where did these weapons come from? If there weren't any WMD, where did they come from? TELL ME! That's what I thought. (The article is about John Bolton, and why is important to confirm him. These are some facts that we will have to face.)

Eh-hum. Excuse me, but this is a touchy subject. I lived in NYC from 1977-79. I grew up in upstate NY. I may not live there now, but you cannot erase my memories of that awful, ugly day. THAT is why we are at war. Any questions? Have you forgotten already?

Here is a list of other articles out there today you most likely will not see:
Russia Tests New Cruise Missle
MOSCOW WOULD SILENCE U.S. CRITICS by Toby Westerman, International News Analysis Today,

Update: I have found more information on Samir Kassir at DOUBLE TOOTHPICKS.