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Monday, June 13, 2005

Michael Jackson: Not Guilty

(Most serious: felony lewd acts on a minor.)
Count 1: Not Guilty
Count 2: Not Guilty
Count 3: Not Guilty
Count 4: Not Guilty
Count 5: Not Guilty
(Less serious: misdemeanor giving alcohol to a minor and attempting to commit...)
Count 6: Not Guilty
Count 7: Not Guilty
Count 8: Not Guilty
Count 9: Not Guilty
Count 10: Not Guilty

For the actual counts you will have to go somewhere else. I was not interested in following this (or any other) case, because I am not a member of the jury. I do not like to speculate on anyone's life, but I really don't follow his career.

Update: Michelle Malkin has the goods for you if you're interested. She is a peach when it comes to most anything that is happening. She is better that QuickTime! Oh yeah, she also has the facts. LOL. Have a great day.