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Saturday, June 25, 2005

I did it! Yippie!

Oh boy, you want to talk about doing something you hardly know anything about and fixing it? Sheesh!

I hope everyone had a great day. I have a story to bring to you, but I have to put it together. Yes. It is about the decision of the Supreme Thiefdom. Oh, I mean Court. Yeah right.

Anyway, I want this to be cheerful! lol. As you can tell, it is fixed. Not all the way, but I'm a little afraid to touch it! I may even change it. I learned my lesson about having 2 templates at the same time. At least I hope I did. I really like this one.

Maybe I can get the other way back though. I'm going to turn my computer off, then turn it back on again sometime in the future. Oh, you didn't know? I don't usually turn it off, because I sometimes get a good idea or thought! I am a very patient person, except when it comes to...well...maybe I need to practice on that patience part. lol. Have a good night, all.