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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Greatest Generation in Our Time

I am going to do something unconvential. I am going to show you how I cover the President. I am going to reveal my notes! Do not worry. I am also going to write a real coverage. lol. Please, if there is anyone, ANYONE, out there who can help me take better notes, please e-mail me! lol.They failed to stop the advance of progress in Iraq.

They failed to stop the new elections. They failed to stop the new government. They are failing everyday, more and more.

Is it deadly? Yes. Is it sad? Yes. Is it hard? Yes. Are we doing it? You bet ya!

Whatever our differences in the past, a stable, democratic Iraq is in the best interest of everyone who loves freedom. We must prevent al Qaeda from turning Iraq into another Afghanistan. While progress is slow, it is still progress. Nato has established a military academy near bagdad to help train the Iraqis.

Partner coalition teams w/iraqi teams
assisting iraqis with
iraqi ministies command and control,

Iraqis have shown their courage. Hundreds have died.

Many want us to come home. So does 43. Deadline. Wrong signal. troops=wrong message to tell them they do not need to complete the mission
More troops? If the commanders ask, they will have them.
coming out of decades of tyranny. need to pru the ast behind them. freedoms. need to be put in permanent constitution. vote again if constitution agreed upon. more will join political process after seeing how successful it is.

It is seeing the effects outside of Iraq. SA, LBA, libya, we have more work to do that will test our resolbve. wear no uniform, take innocent liives for cameras, they will fail. we will not falter under threat. or car bombs. it demans our perserverence, and we have it. we will win over terrorist. we will stay until the fight is won. difficult times.

many chances to lose our way, starting with the revolutionary war. liberty is worth defending. celebrate 4th of July. help someone in the military. thank you to men and women in harms way, and thank you to the families. support the Pray for the families.

great turning points in the liberation --iraq and afghanistan will be remembered in the history books as countries of freedom.