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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Dear President Bush, Help the Iranian People

President Bush, when you declared our support for the Iranian people, they were listening and heard you. They are heartened, yet they are dying. They are dying because all we have is words, and we have no actions.

How long must we ignore this problem? How long will everyone remain blind to the fact that it is the Iranian government that is causing the problem between the Palestinians and Israelis? How long must we allow their government to abuse them? How long will we allow them to build nuclear weapons? How long will we allow them to harbor Osama bin Laden's son? How long will we allow them to harbor terrorists, train them, feed them, clothe them, etc.? HOW LONG?

Money is no cure if you are too dead to spend it. These people need more than words, President Bush. They need action. Help them, please. Arm them. Train them. Feed them. Teach them. Give them the hope they had when they heard your inaugural speech. Please, I know you are a good man. Help them NOW. Tomorrow may be too late. Thank you.