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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Countdown to Terror

Congressman Curt Weldon (R) has written a book I am going to recommend. The name of it is Countdown to Terror, and the cost at is $18.45. Mr. Weldon had tried for many years to bring to the attention of the CIA information concerning terrorist attacks. He has been ignored and lied to. This is an outrage.

In this book you will find an instance where an Iranian source living in France told gave information to the whereabouts of OBL. Mr. Weldon took this information to the CIA where he was told they would follow up and get back to him. They got back to him, alright. His source got back to him first, however.

Apparently, the French foreign minister forbade the informant to cooperate with USA under the threat of deportation. The French? The CIA has admitted that they trust the French. That's fine and dandy, but not on my dime! When you say you are going to follow up on something, follow up on it personally.

Mr. Weldon became frustrated, so he has written this book. He wants the public to be aware of the true threat that is still very much real. He also wants us to know that there are many good members of the CIA. After Peter Goss became the head of that organization, he fired some people. Remember any CIA leaks? Hmm.

He spoke of one specific plan to fly an airplane into a nuclear reactor. One of the Immams had a "vision" that the 12th Immam had returned and they were to attack the USA. There were 19 Pakistanis prepared to attack the Seabrook Plant.

While they were poor, one was found with $40,000. Another with flight lessons. I am not clear if they were arrested in Pakistan or Canada, but Canada did not prosecute them. They seem to think there wasn't even evidence to detain them, but there was enough to deport them. Huh?

The date specific was October 24, 2004. Do you still believe that President Bush raised the status level for political gain? If you do, you are a fool.

I would like to thank Mr. Weldon, who may be reach by e-mail. I would also like to thank Michael Medved for having him as a guest at 1 pm PST on Thursday, June 23, 2005.