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Sunday, May 29, 2005

We are NOT divided

A family, a community, a country divided cannot stand.
United we stand, divided we fall.

I sure wish the "talking heads" would stop telling us that we are divided. We are not. Most of us would prefer to raise our children ourselves, thank you very much. Stay out of our bedrooms, our pockets, our bank accounts, our schools, and our lives in general. Stay off our property, stop abusing us with your pork barrel spending, and in general-leave us alone.

You have no choice but to allow us to worship whatever and in whichever manner we choose. You are not God. I thank Him for that. You are nothing but a bunch of gasbags on the left and the right that do not speak for us anymore.

When is the last time you spoke about illegal aliens? How about more local control of schools so parents, teachers, and principals can have the final say?

Why do you continue to argue that we are divided? We had an election. There are now more Republican (or so they claim) Senators than before. The people have spoken. We have voiced where we stand. We are not divided.

Many of your wimpy Republicans and Democrats are on the coasts. Would you kindly remember us that do not live on the coast? Do you not think we exsist or care? Well we do, and we're sick and tired of you pundits always getting it wrong.

Either stop taking polls and talk about principles, or shut up. The world would not even notice should you just fade into the night. Thank you.