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Friday, May 20, 2005

Save 5/20/2005

Save Darfur CoalitionWeekly News Summary

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Darfur Summit Rejects non-African Intervention May 17, 2005 -
African Union calls on NATO for fast Darfur help May 17, 2005 - Reuters AlertNet
In Divided Darfur, a Shared Will to Fight May 17, 2005 - Washington Post Cover Story
The Mournful Math of Darfur May 18, 2005 - The New York Times
Broken region of Darfur facing 'inevitable' famine May 17, 2005 - USA Today Cover Story
Connecticut State Senate Passes Resolution Condemning Atrocities in Darfur May 11, 2005
Illinois General Assembly Passes Legislation to Suspend State Investment in Sudan, May 18, 2005
mtvU Darfur Activism Awards Announced May 11, 2005

Opinion pieces

A Time for Action in Darfur May 16, 2005 - Magic City Morning Star
Africa Can't be a World Apart May 19, 2005 - Christian Science Monitor Editorial
Once Again May 15, 2005 - Washington Post Guest Editorial
There's just no way I can walk away May 17, 2005 - Guest Editorial