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Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Red's are coming, the Red's are coming!

China blamed for Cyber Sabatoge
The US, Taiwan and the Dalai Lama are among other victims of suspected Chinese cyber sabotage over recent years.

Nearly 300 South Korean government computers have been infected recently with viruses capable of stealing passwords and other sensitive information.

The country’s National Assembly and an atomic energy research institute are among 10 agencies penetrated by the hackers, who were traced to China by the Korean intelligence service.

“The government views this incident as a threat to national security,” said the spy agency.

It was unclear whether the cases involved amateur hackers or, as South Korean newspapers are speculating, state-sponsored espionage.

One hacker was reportedly identified as a student at a foreign-language school run by the Chinese army.
Well what do ya know. China? Would they really do something so torid? You better believe it! I just hope and pray it doesn't take a nuclear attack to wake you people up, AGAIN. Now go have a nice day, while I find out what is really happening. :)