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Friday, May 06, 2005

Read This

I have been reading the news you may never see, but I think it is vital to your health to know.

First, The Word Unheard has two stories that are relevent and reminders of why we fight. The first story is about a Soldier and his efforts to save a small child after a suicide bomber does his senseless deed. The second story is about the two suspected terrorists arrested recently. Wake up, everyone. They are among us.

Second, from Counter Terrorism (recommended daily reading) I came across testimony on immigration as part of the war against terrorism.
For decades our nation had the reputation of being the “can do” nation. <...> The one issue that impacts so many of these other issues, the enforcement and administration of the immigration laws, eludes our purported efforts at solving it. <...> The immigration component of this battle, in which the lives of not only our citizens, but the survival of our nation itself is on the line, appears to be insoluble. I am here today to tell you that we can control our nation’s borders and we can effectively administer and enforce the immigration laws from within the interior of the United States.
There is a letter from Dr. Walid Phares to Senator Sam Brownback concerning the Lebanese people, democracy and the voting to take place May 29, 2005. It is a must and good read. It is not that long, and it ends with recommendations that may interest you.

There is also information on the NYC suspected terrorists amongst us. There are many people writing about the two suspects that were picked up at two seperate places, but it is good to read more than just one article to get a broader perspective. Thanks.